The Only Lilyfestival

in the U.S. West Of The

Mississippi River!

The Lilyflowerfest showcases

over 20,000 different garden

tested, large healthy calla lilies,

day lilies, oriental lilies, asiatic

lilies, tiger lilies, and orienpet

lilies, and more!  Over 250

different colors and color

combinations, short, tall,

fragrant, non fragrant.

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About Our Festival

2018 Lily Festival Dates:  July 13 to August 5

Fridays - Sundays

10am to 6pm

Celebrating our sixth festival, we are the first and ONLY lily festival in the United States West of the Mississippi River! There are simply too many to list here, so if you are looking for a specific color or variety, check out our on line store, which is also packed with all kinds of specific information (such as how to care for lilies, growing  recommendations, etc.) On line Store. Contact us  or details page for more specific information.
© Copyright       All Rights Reserved


2018 Lily Festival Dates: 

July13  to August 5

Friday - Sundays

10am to 5pm